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Reciclaje EPER en Eagle Pass

Discover Our Services

At EPER Group, we are committed to offer you comprehensive solutions for your recycling and manufacturing needs. Our services include:


We contribute to the care of the environment by recycling a wide range of ferrous, non-ferrous, fibers, plastics and electronic metals.

Waste Management

We take care of the efficient and responsible management of solid, electronic and hazardous waste.

Machining Shop

We manufacture custom pieces and high-quality tools using advanced technology and craftsmanship.

Shredding of Confidential Documents

We guarantee the safe and permanent destruction of sensitive documents to protect the privacy of your information.

Shredding of Product outside of Quality Control

We protect your brand's reputation by ensuring that non-compliant products do not reach the market.

Rental of Machinery   and Tools  

We offer you a wide variety of machinery and tools for your projects, from forklifts, construction machines, drills and more.

Join us

With EPER Group, you can trust a company committed to excellence in every service we offer. Contact us today to get started!

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